Greek Tragedy or True Story

A man had three sons.

The eldest was always smiling, the happy-go-lucky sort. He was kind, generous, and more cooperative than competitive. He carried his fathers namesake, and was indeed the apple of his eye, for father had big plans for junior.

The second son was quite jealous of the elder; the attention and adoration he so naturally gave and received. The younger felt the the slight, took the smite and ran with it. He “acted out”, as many a disgruntled young teen, attention seeking by any means, and was sent to military school. There would adopt his life’s MO: No One Can be Better than Me.

Competition became his game, as was his fathers–mainly property acquisition and wealth accumulation. In attempt to gain the love his brother freely gave and received, he showed he could not only play, but he would soon beat his father. Not only in acquisition, but a new, more personal goal, recognition. No one..

The eldest wasn’t motivated by getting paid, not power, nor prowess. The younger’s conquest contest, served with a heaping helping of condemnation left the eldest confused. Alone. Father was delighted in the younger’s successes. 

The elder became less and less a part of the family and the world he did not understand. Happy go lucky lasts only so long with dogs eating dogs all around. 

A failure at business, he and his two special needs children were cut from the will, the happy go lucky elder brother, an aspiring pilot, died an alcoholic at 40.

The younger is our President.  



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