GaianEye.. aka Women’s Day

On Women’s Day

(written about an hour before knowing it was indeed art-official)

God is a woman

How can i be sure?

Man measures with rulers and levers

The rosebush crooks and curves

The streaked skies are brushstrokes

Only a creator could create

She is the glitter on dawns dew outside

And the perfume off the lake

God is a woman

But how can i be sure?

Hancock signed the Declaration but

Venus is her signature

Broken ground awaits her birth

She cries as she crowns

The blooming is always painful

Her roots penetrate the ground

The laws of Man have separated

the life giver from the birth

Who is it best to decide

How best to judge the earth

The fig and the fungi

Both reduced to surfs

I wonder can she forgive herself

And reclaim her worth

As night follows day man has his way

He invents laws, deities, and more divisive ways

“I’m ready to be judged now”

The repeated refrain

The tree looks down upon her

Crying in the rain

Mother sister, daughter.

Lover and giver of Life.

Let it rain

Let it rain

Let it wash away the sin

Let it rain

Let it rain

The tree whispers in the wind

Don’t play that game

No more loss and win

Without you theres is nothing

You hold the multiverse within


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