From Low Pro to Trade Show

  A climate controlled greenhouse houses the moms of several dozen strains I went to a trade show this weekend. My first Cannabis trade show. Well, I suppose technically I went to a Cannabis Cup, specifically The Emerald Cup. A once humble—in a Southern Humboldt/ Northern Mendo weed grower kinda way—outdoor only cannabis flower contest... Continue Reading →


“So the opposite of addiction is not abstinence. It is human connection”

Ever wonder why it's so easy/ cozy/ comforting at rehab? It's not the abstinence, thats what kills so many directly after such a period. It's the Connection. I love this man. Johann Hari speaks on the likely cause of addiction, the following article from the Huffington Post: It is now one hundred years since... Continue Reading →

Addiction (Un)Studied

They say a pictures worth a thousand words.. I hope the words this conveys are something to the extent of why, though more than halfway through--and with Straight A's, I dropped the Addiction Studies program, and gave up on the California Counseling (whatever the bullshit acronym is) Certificate I was about to achieve. I interrupted... Continue Reading →

only the good die young

not good enough to die young nor be granted my release i envy those the heavens chose to roll in clouds of peace no pardon from a game i never wanted to play i fear ill reach a ripe old age though Ive already wasted away the song i sing remains the same the repeated... Continue Reading →

Red and White Blues

maybe it was the reds i don't know hey hand me a couple more blues call it a white-out I'm gonna have a sit on the couch and spend a couple hours staring at my shoes

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