Addiction (Un)Studied

They say a pictures worth a thousand words.. I hope the words this conveys are something to the extent of why, though more than halfway through–and with Straight A’s, I dropped the Addiction Studies program, and gave up on the California Counseling (whatever the bullshit acronym is) Certificate I was about to achieve. I interrupted the teacher so often, called out in the hall to bury him in argument..

The thing about this particular class that made it especially important to my mind was that it was required for all those aspiring policemen and women at the police academy the campus housed. This is where these drug warriors go to learn about addiction! I couldn’t let the bullshit slide so freely from this man’s mouth. I hear he’s since resigned, but not before training who knows how many about the twelve pharmaceuticals available for Cannabis Dependence. How To Kill a Drug Addict 101.

The effort is astonishing. Let the picture tell it…IMG_2379


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