Requiem for a Dream

In Loving Memory of Keelan Marie Lacross,
August 5, 1982 – 
Rest in Power

Sweet sweet Kee Marie

you came and went as if it was all just a dream

though you’ve lived in my heart in the days between

somewhere between the Alaskan morning sunrise

and the Mission in the rain

we learned of love, life, agony, and pain

forever a seeker, it shone in your eyes

a sparkle so pure, the curiosity of a child

i sang your praises and tried to follow near

astounded by your glow

such a lucky shadow

caught in the glittering undertow

somewhere between the Alaskan morning sunrise

and the Mission in the rain

we saw the country together

Nashville Boulder Florida and Maine

even had a white picket fence in Arcata

an old schoolhouse in So-Hum

and that delicious condo in the Girdwood snow

that place in the Mission always in the rain..

come again

an ever expanding search

brought ever diminishing returns

our ventures turned dark

our memories got stuck

punch junk love

where no one comes first

but before all that

i rode down Mt. Alayeska resort 

right to our front door, on a fucking snowboard

so fresh, so clean, so rich, so full

they warn you that dreams that come true don’t last long

somewhere between the Alaskan morning sunrise

and the Mission in the rain

boundless curiosity had its way

among many other things it would take it sent us apart

you to Gainesville me to Montreal

our paths split for good

though our searches did not

we spoke maybe a dozen times tops

in your last ten years on Earth

i saw you once right after my daughters birth

three years later i spoke to a hilarious lucid you from a park bench in town

full of stories only you could tell and always astound

Revel In the Peace

you fleetingly knew on earth

you’re brilliant beyond words

creative to the core

i knew this painstaking world would’t hold you for long

a sentience so strong you knew something was wrong

may you find a safe place

at home in the stars

may you shine a little light on us

sing us your song

not fade away

from us strangers in a strange land beyond

though it came as a strain on earth

may you belt it from the heavens

rain it down from the clouds

you’re free to dance now

even the suns rays

could never match your worth


Happy Birthday Angel.


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