On Poetry…

A poem offers nothing But an escape To ponder inquiries the of eternities Like time spent by the lake Though never to be answered It rears its ugly head: Why? Why a lake, why a poem, why a moon, why a sky Or why-OH WHY -must everything die The busy earth by the lake Appears... Continue Reading →



The lady on my TV speaks with excited strain pitch poised perfect pretention so shrill it pains my brain behind foundations of youth painted all over her face the rosy red shame conceal the years and erase any grace daft today, she explains mental health awareness holding back disdain so proud and in control she... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Editor 2.0. (With a new subtitle: This is gonna require a lot of repetition repetition.)

To local blogger Kym Kemp's site: http://kymkemp.com/2017/09/29/lets-stop-punishing-people-in-pain-letter-to-the-editor-urges-drug-reforms/#comments Another friend was found dead last night. We met in 2013 while at rehab; part detox, part 12 step intro/ review, part fart party.  A salacious feeding frenzy, with some sleeping the day away while others read US Weekly (or master-bate furiously to its women's clothing ads). Some reading... Continue Reading →


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