Deadwood: Adventures in American Addictions

     The year is 1876, the location is the Black Hills of what is now primarily South Dakota, the story is of a small yet steadily expanding mining camp on land that was promised the Sioux in what was the Ft. Laramie treaty. Once yellow—aka gold—was found in the hills all pretense of treaty... Continue Reading →


Reader Submission, Untitled

By, Russell Moss See contact and blog info below. I walked down a long corridor, high above New York. Looking out window, down on the people below, I feel that I am a king and that there is nothing wrong. They are as insignificant as I am. I walked into a room and sat down... Continue Reading →

Drugs and Guns and News, Oh My!

Check it out... Drugs and guns actually don't just jump into peoples hands. I'm afraid the notion of "the(se) people”, the few lunatics lost in such a pretentiously polite society (unless you are one of "those people" with a tail, antlers, or some other not-so-sapien characteristic) is troublesome to say the least. You are actually... Continue Reading →

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