Knowledge is Bliss

What is Ketamine? The question is as exciting, deep and expanding as rapidly as a k-hole.
As with all the dissociative psychedelics, it is not exactly your classic encounter with something greater, the unnamable.

As Timothy so eloquently explains in the episode, it’s a young molecule. It does not carry the baggage- no intent nor message of other mind manifesting molecules. There’s not the self, familial, cultural, communal, intercontinental, and intergalactic insight, no leading to place of a certain understanding, no resounding Overstanding.

So what is it? In way it’s the opposite. Eternities, galaxies, gods goddesses and mythic journeys abound within and around. Limbs begin to feel more akin to those of Inspector Gadget as their sheer miraculousness becomes too much for the mind to work with. Mystik journeymen visit remote pulsars with tribes called quest, while you bargain with birth and reckon with death. Every thought–from the self- to the sub- to the un- to the collective conscious–All Come Out. Ketamine leaves “No Think” behind.

There’s no message to be had, no insight to be gained. It’s a thought purge in the most delightful of ways. Certainly the most interesting. Everything from the ticket thats been bothering you to the meaning of life drift in dreamlike fashion, leaving some, like that troublesome ticket, a boring blip in the technicolor light of the All. That thick blackout curtain surrounding the lives of those depressed beyond expression find themselves sans depressive thoughts nor the wherewithal to explain. One wakes the next day devoid of hundred pound wet blanket- to a new world.

Once again, as with all the NMDA agonists (3-HO-PCP, DXM, Ketamine), more tools in the belt go unused, the fifty year research blackout leaving us in the dark.

It’s so depressing.

Revel in Paradise Timothy (Kinda like you did here on Earth!)

Hamilton Morris on VICE: Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia


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