Requiem for a Dream

In Loving Memory of Keelan Marie Lacross, August 5, 1982 -  Rest in Power Sweet sweet Kee Marie you came and went as if it was all just a dream though you’ve lived in my heart in the days between somewhere between the Alaskan morning sunrise and the Mission in the rain we learned of... Continue Reading →


A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Divine Divide.. I’ve seen this Nation With all three eyes open wide Bitter roots, prolific fungi, varied cacti tell why They speak of land as bouquet stretched to the sky A lushness as described in those first letters home cry “At long last my Queen, We have found Your Pie.” With lust in their eyes... Continue Reading →

this is not my beautiful house

you are as a dream a vision, a queen you captivate my thoughts in the days between blue eyes, soft skin, mothers warmth, hair of gold when God created woman you broke the mold your thoughts, your voice, your style, your grace my heart, my soul, my being, want to taste when I am alone... Continue Reading →

Vegas Strip

like a sun lit dew drop in the desert heat dripping thousand dollar beads of sweat dressed in a a single string of black diamonds and dancing in the warm evening air at you i sit and stare amongst a crowd leaking lust a craving you brush off like dust They either don't notice or... Continue Reading →

City at Night

In memory of Dennis “DennyGee” Larrauri 12/21/71 - 09/29/09. Death by Subway train in New York City. He knew where the good awnings were Uptown on nights when the rain came down like like the pent up years of tears. Revel in Peace My Brother.    At 4am I wake to the panic and fear... Continue Reading →

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