Is Cannabis Addictive? From the “Fully Loaded” Files: Gabor Maté Speaks!


Requiem for a Dream

In Loving Memory of Keelan Marie Lacross, August 5, 1982 -  Rest in Power Sweet sweet Kee Marie you came and went as if it was all just a dream though you’ve lived in my heart in the days between somewhere between the Alaskan morning sunrise and the Mission in the rain we learned of... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor of the Times-Standard, Eureka, CA, in response to an open invitation for communal input concerning Humboldt’s Drug Problem Dearest Humboldt, Let’s stop punishing people in pain. Take the nickel and dime cop game out of the equation and address addiction as the medical issue it is, and the root causes as... Continue Reading →

From Low Pro to Trade Show

We used to buy through a third party for secrecy Now YouTube advertises grow lights suited just for my needs. A climate controlled light deprivation greenhouse houses several dozen strains I went to a trade show this weekend. My first Cannabis trade show. Well, I suppose technically I went to a Cannabis Cup, specifically The... Continue Reading →

“So the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection”

Ever wonder why it's so easy/ cozy/ comforting at rehab? It's not the abstinence, thats what kills so many directly after such a period. It's the Connection. I love this man. Johann Hari speaks on the likely cause of addiction, the following article from the Huffington Post: It is now one hundred years since... Continue Reading →

only the good die young

not good enough to die young nor to be granted my release i envy those the heavens chose to roll in clouds of peace no pardon from a game i never really wanted to play i fear ill reach a ripe old age though Ive already wasted away the song i sing remains the same... Continue Reading →

Red and White Blues

maybe it was the reds i don't know hey hand me a couple more blues call it a white-out I'm gonna have a sit on the couch and spend a couple hours staring at my shoes

GaianEye.. aka Women’s Day

On Women’s Day (written about an hour before knowing it was indeed art-official) God is a woman How can i be sure? Man measures with rulers and levers The rosebush crooks and curves The streaked skies are brushstrokes Only a creator could create She is the glitter on dawns dew outside And the perfume off... Continue Reading →

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