Knowledge is Bliss

What is Ketamine? The question is as exciting, deep and expanding as rapidly as a k-hole. As with all the dissociative psychedelics, it is not exactly your classic encounter with something greater, the unnamable. As Timothy so eloquently explains in the episode, it's a young molecule. It does not carry the baggage- no intent nor... Continue Reading →


A Sweet Secret

It's one of the most addictive substances on the planet, eight times that of cocaine. Forty of forty-three lab rats chose the sugar water over the cocaine water, the drug that dominated the headlines for a decade. It's a metabolic and neurotoxin responsible for at least a dozen mostly terminal illnesses. We get our kids... Continue Reading →

“So the opposite of addiction is not abstinence. It is human connection”

Ever wonder why it's so easy/ cozy/ comforting at rehab? It's not the abstinence, thats what kills so many directly after such a period. It's the Connection. I love this man. Johann Hari speaks on the likely cause of addiction, the following article from the Huffington Post: It is now one hundred years since... Continue Reading →

Addiction (Un)Studied

They say a pictures worth a thousand words.. I hope the words this conveys are something to the extent of why, though more than halfway through--and with Straight A's, I dropped the Addiction Studies program, and gave up on the California Counseling (whatever the bullshit acronym is) Certificate I was about to achieve. I interrupted... Continue Reading →

Sugar Cont.

Sugar somehow (as usual, follow the money) escapes discussion of the more addictive and destructive drugs in our society. Regardless of its historical role in the foundation of the African slave trade, its present role in our obesity epidemic, or the little value assigned its role in mood, behavior and productivity, it’s nevertheless earned its... Continue Reading →

1992… Terence talks Iboga

If you've not seen or heard him speak (luckily he did a lot of it and much of it can be heard on YouTube) I'd encourage you to do your brain a flavor. He keeps me 'sane'. If you've made it this far into the Gape it/ he might do the same for you. "History... Continue Reading →

My Ibogaine Story

From the Archives. I have been a heroin addict—among other things—since around the age of 21. I’m now 33, having celebrated the most recent birthday shortly after my iboga experience. Heroin has ruled the past decade of my life, whether actively using it or not, save for a brief period I spent in Florida, unhampered... Continue Reading →

Sugar (2)

In Decoding Sugar Addiction: Separate neural circuits control sugar cravings and healthy eating, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory and MIT teamed up and learned some fascinating things about sugar, sugar addiction, and its address and suppression in the brain.          While keeping at the forefront the problems caused by sugar in... Continue Reading →

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