Consolation in the Concrete Jungle

Inner Peace in Outer New York City This city is a (cement and concrete) jungle; an overcrowded, tourist-mobbed, frantic-paced, overpriced, stressed-out behemoth of an American city. Though living here can be extremely exciting and resoundingly rewarding, the need for respite often comes into play. Smoking weed, given the scarcity of and insulting price, is rarely... Continue Reading →


“Hey Nobody, I’m Home!“

  The Great Sequoia Sempervirens aka The Coast Redwood. The reason I first moved here. Though they're absolutely astonishing, I hear native people knew not to live under them, as little light gets through the hundred foot high canopy. I checked several sites daily; Zillow, Craigslist, the local Facebook Groups, Home Buyers, etc. The weekly papers... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Divine Divide.. I’ve seen this Nation With all three eyes open wide Bitter roots, prolific fungi, varied cacti tell why They speak of land as bouquet stretched to the sky A lushness as described in those first letters home cry “At long last my Queen, We have found Your Pie.” With lust in their eyes... Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life

There he is again. What the fuck does he want? It’s not like its a challenge for him to find us, him being on a bicycle D and I on foot. Even amongst the Lower East Side crowds the street kids quickly recognize another. Some feral, no family to speak of, some psychotic, some just... Continue Reading →

My Ibogaine Story

From the Archives. I have been a heroin addict—among other things—since around the age of 21. I’m now 33, having celebrated the most recent birthday shortly after my iboga experience. Heroin has ruled the past decade of my life, whether actively using it or not, save for a brief period I spent in Florida, unhampered... Continue Reading →

Positively 6th Street

His name was Jay, I asked him. He got on the bus on Market Street, at what I guess could be called the edge of downtown. I knew him from San Bruno, a older annex of the San Francisco County Jail, about 10 miles south of the main jail in the city and about 100... Continue Reading →

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