A Sweet Secret

It's one of the most addictive substances on the planet, eight times that of cocaine. Forty of forty-three lab rats chose the sugar water over the cocaine water, the drug that dominated the headlines for a decade. It's a metabolic and neurotoxin responsible for at least a dozen mostly terminal illnesses. We get our kids... Continue Reading →


Consolation in the Concrete Jungle

Inner Peace in Outer New York City This city is a (cement and concrete) jungle; an overcrowded, tourist-mobbed, frantic-paced, overpriced, stressed-out behemoth of an American city. Though living here can be extremely exciting and resoundingly rewarding, the need for respite often comes into play. Smoking weed, given the scarcity of and insulting price, is rarely... Continue Reading →

“Hey Nobody, I’m Home!“

  The Great Sequoia Sempervirens aka The Coast Redwood. The reason I first moved here. Though they're absolutely astonishing, I hear native people knew not to live under them, as little light gets through the hundred foot high canopy. I checked several sites daily; Zillow, Craigslist, the local Facebook Groups, Home Buyers, etc. The weekly papers... Continue Reading →

Born into This

There’s a new Drug War Porn show on TV, I made it through one episode before calling it quits. Sitting at the end of the block, the end of any block in any black neighborhood in any major city, the officer looks out at the kids playing, the parents parlaying, the seniors pontificating, and says... Continue Reading →


My memories are stuck in tar My love reduced to a single warm rush Whose cost is immesurable Hopes dreams and desires narrowed down to pinpoint accuracy No future no past, just the long gone care of a motherly embrace No sleep no wake, just the reapperance of a fathers missing face They say the... Continue Reading →


     The year is 1876, the location is the Black Hills of what is now primarily South Dakota, the story is of a small yet steadily expanding mining camp on land that was promised the Sioux in what was the Ft. Laramie treaty. Once yellow—aka gold—was found in the hills all pretense of treaty... Continue Reading →


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