only the good die young

not good enough to die young nor to be granted my release i envy those the heavens chose to roll in clouds of peace no pardon from a game i never really wanted to play i fear ill reach a ripe old age though Ive already wasted away the song i sing remains the same... Continue Reading →

Red and White Blues

maybe it was the reds i don't know hey hand me a couple more blues call it a white-out I'm gonna have a sit on the couch and spend a couple hours staring at my shoes

GaianEye.. aka Women’s Day

On Women’s Day (written about an hour before knowing it was indeed art-official) God is a woman How can i be sure? Man measures with rulers and levers The rosebush crooks and curves The streaked skies are brushstrokes Only a creator could create She is the glitter on dawns dew outside And the perfume off... Continue Reading →

A Thanksgiving Prayer

A Divine Divide.. I’ve seen this Nation With all three eyes open wide Bitter roots, prolific fungi, varied cacti tell why They speak of land as bouquet stretched to the sky A lushness as described in those first letters home cry “At long last my Queen, We have found Your Pie.” With lust in their eyes... Continue Reading →

this is not my beautiful house

you are as a dream a vision, a queen you captivate my thoughts in the days between blue eyes, soft skin, mothers warmth, hair of gold when God created woman you broke the mold your thoughts, your voice, your style, your grace my heart, my soul, my being, want to taste when I am alone... Continue Reading →

Sugar Cont.

Sugar somehow (as usual, follow the money) escapes discussion of the more addictive and destructive drugs in our society. Regardless of its historical role in the foundation of the African slave trade, its present role in our obesity epidemic, or the little value assigned its role in mood, behavior and productivity, it’s nevertheless earned its... Continue Reading →

1992… Terence talks Iboga

If you've not seen or heard him speak (luckily he did a lot of it and much of it can be heard on YouTube) I'd encourage you to do your brain a flavor. He keeps me 'sane'. If you've made it this far into the Gape it/ he might do the same for you. "History... Continue Reading →

Vegas Strip

like a sun lit dew drop in the desert heat dripping thousand dollar beads of sweat dressed in a a single string of black diamonds and dancing in the warm evening air at you i sit and stare amongst a crowd leaking lust a craving you brush off like dust They either don't notice or... Continue Reading →

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